Centi the smart way to pay

With Centi you can easily make Bitcoinsv payments via the Point of Sales Terminal.

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Downloading the app is really easy and seamless.

Downloading the app is really easy and seamless, just click below!
To register, just provide your name, a valid email and mobile number, and voila you can start using the Centi app!

It’s truly a great app for people on the go just like you!

We are currently in beta and if you would like to download the .apk for android or become a Apple Test-Flight user please use the link/form below.

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    Easily use BitcoinSV and other means of payments via the Point of Sales Terminal, online or in app!

    Start to make your digital payments just as you do your physical cash payment.

    Spend with the most innovative merchants

    Profit from attractive promotions automatically distributed to your Centi App!

    Fair and dynamically updated exchange rates at no mark-up for you.

    Our happy customers are our asset!

    Pay in electronic cash, no identity -details are collected or associated with the purchase.

    We don’t know nor care what kind of underwear you buy

    Shopping with Centi

    Centi plans to redefine payments

    Send and receive Bitcoin and other means of payment


    Loyalty Options incentivize your visitors

    Spaces & Events

    Centi is configurable to the space most relevant to you and allows you to access all your favorite merchants directly from within the app.


    In order to pay for things online or in retail just scan the QR-Code and confirm the payment. As simple as that.

    QR pay
    Get Access to Premium Content Swiftly and Privately

    Bust the Paywalls

    Since Centi allows merchants to invoice even tiny amounts efficiently you use your Centi App to but the paywall and access pay-per-use content without needing to subscribe or providing any personal details. 

    You are in full control

    Start to make your digital payments just as you do your physical cash payment.
    You stay in control at all times and only you can authorize a transaction.
    Paying online with Centi

    Centi plans to redefine payments

    See how you profit from using Centi as your payments Super-App.

    • No collection of personal details
    • Hygienic and fully contact less
    • No yearly subscription fees, costs for card issuance or other hidden fees
    • Pay with peer to peer electronic cash
    • You are in full control of your wallet
    • Receive attractive promotions directly to your wallet
    • Find participating merchants in our merchant directory
    Debit or Credit card
    • Possible data breaches and card data theft
    • PIN entry on touchpad required
    • Often yearly fee and other hidden fees
    • Anyone with the card details can pull from your account or credit line
    • Card can be blocked from the issuer’s side causing inconvenience
    • All bonus programs and promotions require signing up and giving out of personal details
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    Centi Partnership

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