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With Centi you can easily wire Micropayments in real-time at almost no cost. Tip your favorite artist as a consumer or as a business integrate Micropayments to enable paid content.

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The Centi Vision: Simplicity, Functionality, Great User Experience, Cooperation

The Bitcoinˢᵛ technology allows us to make the payment experience multi-lateral and provide real value-add solutions which will be much more than just another payment option.

Check One is its suitability for a wide use as a commercial transaction layer well beyond the reach of what any Bitcoin, or all Cryptocurrencies for that matter have reached today.

Second, is its extended functionality like token- and smart-contracting-capabilities.


Third Bitcoin does not yet leverage the existing payments Infrastructure enough.

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You stay in control at all times and only you can authorize a transaction.

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With Centi you can easily make BitcoinSV payments via the Point of Sales Terminal.

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Want to start selling with Centi?


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